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Bl 11 - Amazing Animal Acupressure Point #12

AMAZING ACUPRESSURE POINT SERIES #12: BLADDER 11 Pinyin Name – Da Zhu English Translations – Great Shuttle, Big Reed, Foot Taiyang Bladder 11 Note: The Bladder Meridian is also known as the Urinary Bladder (UB) Meridian Bladder 11 (Bl 11) is known as an important acupoint for any bone issue including arthritis, spondylosis, deformities, inflammation, osteoporosis, and joint issues. Bladder 11 has quite a few other uses for anim [READ POST]

Animal Acupressure References and Resources

Animal Acupressure References and Resources This Reference and Resource offers Tallgrass participants and graduate practitioners a listing to use in their continued study. There are many other texts of a similar nature and worth exploration. This list provides a place to start. The websites at the end of the listing gives you a quick reference to a wide scope of information about Traditional Chinese Medicine. These resources will help yo [READ POST]

Amazing Animal Acupressure Point #11

By: Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute ( ( Governing Vessel 4 Pinyin Names – Ming Men, Jingong, Jiajiguan English Translations – Gate of Life, Gate of Vitality, Place of Essence, Lumbar Pass Note: The Governing Vessel is also known as Du Mai Some Chinese texts refer to Extraordinary Governing Vessel 4 as the place where the animal’s “spark” of life originated. GV 4 re [READ POST]

Moxibustion Strengthens the Immune System & Relieves Allergies

Moxibustion to Strengthen the Immune System and Relieve Allergies () By Nancy Zidonis & Amy Snow From a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective allergies occur when our immune system is not functioning at its optimal level. If our Wei (protective) chi is strong we will not be affected by allergies, the flu or other similar issues. In essence, our Wei chi, battles against the external pathogenic factors of Wind, Cold, Summe [READ POST]

Enhancing Equine Digestion with Acupressure

Acupressure Enhances Equine Digestion ( By Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis Equine Digestion In the wild, horses travel in search of forage anywhere from 20 to 30 miles in a day. Physical exercise enhances the motility of the digestive process. Movement is essential for good equine gut function. Having sufficient water is also critical to the digestive proce [READ POST]

Shan Gen - Amazing Acupoint for Appetite Boost

AMAZING ACUPRESSURE POINT SERIES #6: Classical Acupoint – Shan Gen, Base of the Mountain, Appetite Point Does your cat or dog belong to Finicky Eaters Anonymous (FEA)? Does your dog or cat turn up his nose at anything you put in front of him? There’s an acupoint for that! Loss of Appetite First, high quality food plus the dog or cat’s ability to metabolize nutrients plays an important role in his health and longevity. There are ti [READ POST]

3-Animal Acupoint Case Study

SAN ZHEN PROTOCOLS: 3-ACUPOINT CASE STUDY Lower Jiao Damp Heat & Chi Stagnation Molly is a spaniel exhibiting a chronic urinary tract infection. Her guardians noticed her urine was darker than normal, and had a stronger, somewhat foul smell. They alsonoticed that Molly urinated more frequently, but only a little at a time. Molly strained to urinate and was uncomfortable and nippy when her belly was rubbed, something she had al [READ POST]

Amazing Acupoints: The Four Gates

Amazing Acupressure Point Series: The Four Gates Large Intestine 4 (LI 4), He Gu, Joining Valley and Liver 3 (Liv 3), Tai Chong, Great Thoroughfare “The Four Gates” is the most commonly used four-acupoint combination when stimulated bilaterally. The combination of Large Intestine 4 (LI 4) and Liver 3 (Liv 3) are known to enhance the circulation of chi, blood, and body fluids throughout the entire animal’s body. LI 4 moves vital  [READ POST]


SEIZURES: CANINE ACUPRESSURE ( + ICE! When your dog has a seizure it’s scary. You desperately want to help him while he looks so helpless and at the mercy of his nervous system going haywire. There are things you can do. First thing you need to do is make sure the dog is in a safe location. Clear any obstacles on which he can be hurt. If there are stair [READ POST]

Animal Acupressure and Olfaction

Animal Acupressure & Olfaction In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we use an assessment technique called “The Four Examinations.” The Four Examinations are: Observation, Listening / Smelling, Inquiry or History, and Physical Palpation. This method of data collection about the animal leads to identifying a pattern of disharmony. The TCM practitioner must have highly refined, keen senses to perform each of these examinations as well a [READ POST]