approved animal acupressure trainingI found Tallgrass to be well organized and very friendly and helpful. Online courses are excellent and marked instantly. Essays are marked very quickly so results known to the student quickly. This made the whole experience very enjoyable. The animal acupressure hands on courses were fantastic. I learned loads and, although hard work, it was all good fun and the dogs enjoyed their time helping us learn. I really recommend the course to anyone interested in TCM and who loves animals.

Kathryn Griffin, Shropshire, UK

approved animal acupressure trainingThe Introduction to Equine Acupressure class (taught by Kathi Soukup) was so inspiring, I have already done a few sessions on my boys and they seem to benefit greatly. The day after class my equine chiropractor came for Magnus (pictured to the left) and commented on how much more relaxed and receptive he was for his adjustment. He has worked on him over many years and he credited the difference to the acupressure the previous days. It helped him achieve a more effective adjustment which is wonderful!

Sue Boudanza, Marston Mills, MA

I have taken the human acupuncture certification at UCLA and I can tell you that Kim Bauer gave a much better class animal acupressure. Clearly, there was not an emphasis on every point on every meridian. Your (the Tallgrass) approach of focusing on the major points and including a generous dose of theory is really best for the student. It lends itself to multiple learning styles as well as an intuitive, but well informed, therapeutic approach. Kim is clearly a Master Teacher and it was a pleasure to be her student for a week and provide this testimonial to Tallgrass. Thank you for designing such an excellent program.

Steph Taylor, MD, PhD, CA

The Canine Pathology Online Course is a fantastic course. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who has dogs as pets/companions or who works with dogs in a capacity such as at a kennel, as a dog trainer, holistic therapist or dog groomer. Such valuable knowledge to add to your toolbox and help our canine friends.

Tanya Carr, Sydney, AustraliaNew

approved animal acupressure trainingI am sooo very blessed and thankful to have such great support from you guys! It is obvious that Tallgrass believes in developing quality practitioners that they can be proud of. Your program is truly full service. I am looking forward to more advanced classes coming so that I can continue to learn from such a great source of people.

Kristen Guerra, Cave Creek, AZ

Thank you so much for all this information. I can honestly say that I have done many courses but none have ever sent me such complete and useful feedback.

Les, UK

approved animal acupressure trainingTHANKS!! It has truely been a wonderful experience. I remember looking at all the different schools and materials out there for two years trying to decide which one to utilize to continue my education. When I chose Tallgrass, I remember how daunting it looked with everything else I had going on and now here I am finished and I am SO glad that I did it. I am confident that I chose the right school. It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you. I hope to get to see more of you and continue to learn as I know I am only scratching the surface as to what is there to learn. I have been in the veterinary and animal world for over 20 years and a massage therapist for 15 and I feel that what I learned from you guys just put the icing on the cake and makes what I do really unique and special. Since beginning the classes I have had the opportunity to work two different horses that the owner's were told would not be ridable again become rideable (one after two sessions and the other after five). I am so excited about that and it proves to me how powerful this is!!!

Kim R.Kizzier, SD

I really wish dental school had been like this!!! The program, format, information, and support are the best. Really helps to integrate the studies with the previously programmed brain! The quality and caliber of instruction is unmatched. You and your staff are to be commended; your commitment and dedication to excellence are rare and sincerely appreciated.

Doray Wiggins, AZ

Although I have attended Amy & Nancy's classes, my specialty is human energy medicine... which I translate to my dogs. I must say, Amy and Nancy are excellent teachers of TCM. If you ever have the chance to attend their trainings, you will be getting more from them than you ever expect.

Gwenn Bonnell, FL

approved animal acupressure trainingI feel very drawn to this, having gently explored other avenues over the past months, nothing has actually felt right like this does. I feel totally comfortable with the whole approach, implementation, philosophy, or however you think of it, and feel sure that with the online courses, and a return to Tilley Farm under the guidance of Amy and her team next year, I WILL achieve my goal and put my new found skills to good use.

Caroline Shipsey, UK

animal acupressure trainingThank you! Thank you! Thank you! I look forward to future advanced studies with you. Doing massage for the past 2 years has brought some very nice results on animals, but I've seen more amazing things with acupressure. It has been a powerful combination.

Lon Black, NY

Last summer I took my first ever class in Acupressure from Tallgrass. I chose Introduction to Acupressure & TCM to take in person and so glad I did. The amount of information is very overwhelming and I personally feel you'd lose much of it if it weren't for the Q&A and hands on experiences. Being able to talk with classmates, work with them in teams and asking questions while you are working on an animal makes for a very enjoyable learning experience. Getting the 'feel' for locating acupoints, 'feeling' hot, cold, hard, soft, watching Amy and Nancy actually do a treatment...was necessary for me to understand and feel confident.


Since I got your book for equine acupressure, and then your video tape and 5 Element Charts, I have been absolutely amazed at how powerful healing tool acupressure is. Each horse that's been worked on has shown real improvement -- I wanted to write you because I believe your work has saved a really sweet horse's life.

Jan Molina, CA

approved animal acupressure trainingWOW! That is almost the best that I can say. It seems as if I try to put my experience into words, I cannot do it any justice. Thank you so much for an extremely enlightening (and entertaining) seminar. I definitely walked away with a thirst for more and cannot wait for the September seminar on the Five Element Theory. Your presentation, organization and material get an A+ from me. Thank you for your dedication to this work. You are obviously passionate about this work and your integrity shines through every step of the way. On behalf of Jazz and all of the other animals whose paths have crossed yours, either directly or indirectly, I thank you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Dana Nelson, IL

animal acupressure trainingThought I would update you on Rinky. The day before the clinic we had a hard time getting her to wake up due to lack of energy which is how she had been for weeks. She was happier asleep and the only exercise she wanted to do was from one crate to another. It was really hard to see. It was the Tuesday after the clinic that we saw some noticeable improvements. She started jumping on my husband for no good reason and even took herself out the back yard and did the weave pole followed by 2 jumps on her own -- we were all inside a the time. 2 weeks later and another treatment by me during that week, she was walking for 40 minutes down by the bay in San Diego and I had to "restrain" her from bird chasing the whole time. She was pulling on the lead so hard and barking for 40 minutes! A truly different dog! Mind you, my husband has asked for the old non energy dog back as this one is hard work!

Natalie Winter, CA

We have only had incredibly complimentary comments about your pre-conference workshop and IAAMB presentation. Thank you.

Jonathan Rudinger, PetMassage, IAAMB, OH

I would like to say a big thank you for opening up a whole new world to me. The course was excellent, although I’m suffering from brain overload at the moment. The way you dealt with each aspect was clear for a beginner like myself.

Gloria Ayers, UK

The small animal acupressure clinic was everything I had hoped it would be and more! Thank you so much for the wonderful job you are doing (books and clinics) to make this valuable information and practice available in such a clear and helpful way.

Stephanie Anise, SD

Of all seminars/clinics and instructional sessions I have attended over the years, (and that’s lots of years and lots of different subjects, not just dogs), your Small Animal Acupressure clinic was the best. Your material was well organized and was made clear by your articulate explanations. Best of all was the opportunity to work on our own animals. This was truly a one-on-one analysis of the dog. If I can retain and duplicate your treatment, I know that my Dobe,Charlie, 9-years old will benefit greatly.

Marliene Froke, PA

I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful experience this pas weekend in Erie. Your teaching made the class com alive and sparked in me a desire to learn more about this fantastic subject. Animals have always had my heart strings and with your teaching I finally have found what was missing to tie up those strings. I am so grateful to you for this experience.

Sherry Neiderhiser, PA

best animal acupressure trainingThank you so much for all your patience and teaching. It was so exciting doing the course and so good to know it was conducted in such a professional way. I will do my best to keep up the standards that you set out for us. Thank you for making the effort to allow us to complete our studies in Australia. I feel so proud to have become a practitioner, but I know there is a lot more to learn. I am so intrigued by horses and their well being - drawn to it everyday of my life. I know it is my destiny where ever it may lead me.

Gillian Magnabosco, NSW, Australia